Hello world! 哈囉!


ROS / Nvidia Jetson tk1 / Python


This is an technical study note by an amateur developer. It’s for someone like me who have faith on the value of their own project.

  • 我們使用 ROS (Robot Operation System),因為它是開源自動化系統的主流。
  • We use ROS (Robot Operation System), a mainstream open source automation framework.
    • 經過驗證的系統架構  <Testified System Structure>
    • 豐富的共享資源 <Abundant Sharing Resource >
  • Nvidia Jetson tk1 develoment Board <Supercomputer for everyone !>
  • Python <Best Language for rapid prototyping ! >

" 千萬記得!鐵達尼號是由專業人士建造的,而打造諾亞方舟的只是一個業餘人士 “

                                                                                                              – 影集 布朗神父

" Remember professionals built the Titanic but an amateur built the ark.”

                                                                                                              – Father Brown

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